3 Meetings

We are holding three 3-day sessions (in May, June and November), consisting of workshops and meetings of work teams. Each of these is planned to conclude with an open-to-all public summary including a key lecture and short presentations combined with a discussion of completed projects.

A Special Summary Event

The last, fourth meeting will be held in March 2015. In addition to lectures by invited special guests, the event will feature the project’s summary exhibition as well as “Modern City in the Making. Katowice 1865–2015”, an exhibition prepared by Medialab Katowice to celebrate the city’s 150th anniversary.

A Summary Publication

The event will also include the launch of a dual Polish/English language publication summing up the project, comprising a series of articles on major trends and concepts in working with data, a detailed discussion of the methodology and the subsequent stages of work on selected projects as well as a presentation of the best projects completed by workshop participants.


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