22 May 2014

Steffen Fiedler & Stephan Thiel, Studio NAND


In this presentation, Studio NAND will give an overview of the current state of the art of open-source map making tools and how they can be used to leverage the potential of open GIS datasets by creating map-based visualisations. The introduction will be structured around a selection of our favorite geo-visualisation projects and some background on their creation.

23 May 2014

Nicolas Kayser-Bril, Journalism++


Amid the crisis on the European media scene, data-driven journalism is seen by many as a sign of hope. It helps find new stories, makes for new workflows and lets journalists try new business models. The New York Times paved the way but with a several-million-dollar budget at its disposal. How can a small team with no capital get started? The lecture will explore small, successful ventures and give tips to those who want to give it a try.

23—25 May 2014

Nicolas Kayser-Bril, Journalism++

UDS_Workshop_Icon WORKSHOP

Focusing on a specific issue in Katowice (to be decided with the participants before the workshop), we will use data to show the different angles of the story and produce a full-fledged piece of datajournalism. In groups of 3 or 4, participants will treat a specific aspect of the story using one or two techniques of datajournalism.

23—25 May 2014

Steffen Fiedler & Stephan Thiel, Studio NAND


The workshop will explore ways to bring together data visualization and the urban public space by creating hybrid forms between infographics and street art. Participants are invited to use either public datasets related to the city of Katowice or to create data themselves using custom methods. Using these data, we will then design stencils, objects and installations in public space to raise awareness of the data at the places where they matter most, acting as informing graffiti and street artists.

22 May 2014, OPENING

Pawel Jaworski, Studio NAND


MapLab is a work group of Medialab Katowice established to conduct moderator supervised studies on spatial development of Katowice . The team uses open source GIS (geographic information systems) software and data made available by the city administration to monitor the development and parameteres of areas intended for different uses. The results of their work will be utilised by another team to deliver a number projects on the city’s history as part of the Urban Date Stories cycle.

6—8 June 2014

Rui Guerra, INTK; André Gonçalves


Cultural organisations are making available online an important part of our cultural heritage. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has released 100,000 images in high resolution available as public domain. In order to encourage other cultural organisation to follow the example, it is important that the public in general makes use of that material. In this workshop participants are invited to develop possible application on what to do with this material and how to present to the general public. Are you interested in creating a public space installation? Are you interested in rethinking what online exhibitions should look like? Join the workshop and discover with us what our digital cultural heritage has to offer.

14—16 Nov 2014

Wesley Grubbs, Pitch Interactive


2nd half of 2014


Tomas Diez, Fab Lab Barcelona



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