Working as part of a municipal institution financed from public funds, we intend to tackle the problem of data management. We believe this is fundamental to community empowerment at the initial development stages of network society and should not be put entirely in the hands of developers and large Internet companies with hardly more than appropriate skills and resources.

Depending on the requirements and particular stages of the project, we place emphasis on different competencies:


research and data acquisition


data processing and analysis, searching for topics and stories


data visualisation and creating solutions – prototyping applications or devices

During the workshops we work in small interdisciplinary groups with an emphasis on collaboration and combining different competencies. We focus on defining specific problems and promptly creating prototype solutions.

In addition, we create task teams to take up issues that require more time and the delivery of which leads to more advanced and complete products and solutions. These teams are given the opportunity of holding regular meetings and receiving support from our experts.

Three teams currently operate as part of Medialab:


a team dedicated to the visualisation of data on Katowice’s history


a team creating interactive city maps


a team working on a catalogue of open data on the city

As we understand the need to make a social impact with our activities, the workshops are accompanied by public events designed to promote the idea of openness and the use of data in various areas of social life, science and culture.


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