There are several ways to join the project. Participation in all events is free, but please remember that the number of participants is limited. When selecting candidates, we consider their experience and skills, but, above all, the enthusiasm and commitment they can bring to the project.


take part in workshops


join a lecture


develop a project at working group meetings

You can also help us to collect or develop data on Katowice and the region:

About history

How to use data visualisation to show the history and present condition of Katowice? Inspired by the activities of the famous Isotype Institute, we are preparing an exhibition to celebrate the city’s 150th anniversary, which will present the changes Katowice has gone through in an exciting and accessible manner. To this end, we are using materials provided by museums, archives, libraries and the Silesian Digital Library.

Related to maps

We are digitising old Katowice maps in order to provide a clear and accessible account of the city’s spatial development throughout its short but dynamic history. As an initial stage, we are currently developing a service to present the architecture of central Katowice. If you know about maps, take interest in the city’s history or just have a bit of time to spare and would like to help digitise the data, you are most welcome to join us.

Open data

As part of the Open Data Day in 2013, we developed guidelines for a web service which brings together a community of people involved in sharing data and knowledge about the city. Using the CKAN repository, we are currently cataloguing data that will come in handy for our Urban Date Stories project and later provide an important contribution to the open database of Katowice. If you would like to help organising and completing the catalogue or are in possession of interesting data yourself, please contact us.

Please contact us for any further information

Karol Piekarski
+48 722 003 075